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How Rideally works
How Rideally works
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Why RideAlly?


Context and Travel Related Problems

Each one of us travels every day for some reason and at any given point of time, our roads are full with automobiles which leads to commuting hassles, high traffic, pollution, health problems, accidents, and even road rage. Every day, we are consuming precious resources, like, petrol, diesel and cost of travel is constantly going up due to higher prices of petrol/diesel and higher cost of automobiles (car, bike, auto etc). Public transport (Buses) is heavily crowded and time to reach anywhere is unpredictable. Over and above, poor roads, potholes and poor infrastructure makes driving even more difficult. We spend more time in travel than doing something constructive.

Possible Solutions

Same time, at any given point of time, more than one person is usually going from similar source to similar destination and many vehicles are not even half full. We do see that most of the cars, autos, SUVs and even bikes are driven alone while they can easily accommodate at least one more person. If there is a way that we can increase the occupancy of vehicles even by one more person, we can reduce traffic, pollution, hassles, cost, and consumptions of petrol/diesel by half. We can breathe more fresh air, have better forex, spend more on building relationships than on travel, and lead a much peaceful life.

This brings us to the idea of ridesharing. Can there be a way that we all can share rides with each other than for sure, we can help all above causes a great deal?


Human behavior issues associated with Ridesharing

Many initiatives on Ridesharing have failed earlier as people don’t trust each other, females do not feel safe while traveling, some rogue elements stalk girls, and some demand unfair rates. Also, we have our own preferences on timing, vehicle, work hours etc which makes it difficult to agree on common time to share rides. We may like to share rides but our constant fear and lack of discipline does not let us do it.

Our initiative on Ridesharing, RideAlly

RideAlly is an honest attempt to help commuters in connecting with each other in safe and secure manner. RideAlly is a trusted community that connects individuals with empty seats in each and every vehicle. Our mission is that each vehicle runs to its full capacity at any given time.

RideAlly provides solution to short/long distance commutes and enables users to share rides with others. Commuter can get instant rides from source to destination on most of the vehicles. E.g. if a lady wishes to travel from “India Gate, Delhi, India” to “Taj Mahal, Agra, India” in next 1 hour than she can connect with commuters who are already planning to go there in safest possible way.

We have built RideAlly as comprehensive travel solution or marketplace which connects vehicle owners (personal vehicle, taxi driver, auto drivers, cab operators etc) and passengers to do carpool/bikepool and share taxis/autos to wherever they wish to go to.

With RideAlly, users can manage all their travels, carpool, join existing rides, offer rides, book shared taxi, check travel history, check co-passenger details, have groups of friends (or friends of friends), travel with trusted persons only etc.

How RideAlly takes care of trust issues, safety, security of commuters especially females?

We have taken special measures to build trust among commuters and deal with safety and security for each passenger especially for females.
  • Each user needs to verify his/her email and mobile number and provide their basic personal details. They can share their social media profiles to build confidence with other users. We do not share personal details (like, phone no. and email) of users with anyone.
  • Females can choose to travel with only females. Female specific rides do not even come in searches hence stalking is also not possible.
  • Users (or females) can create their private groups in which they can add only their friends or collegaues and share rides among themselves only. One can add users by invitation only so that any unauthorised entry can be disallowed.
  • Commuter knows in advance that who is travelling with them like we know in train charts hence unauthorized person can be avoided to board the vehicle.
  • Vehicle number is a must to offer rides so that if any untoward incident happens, Police can trace the culprit.
  • Users can report to our customer care at 080 4600 4600 for any untoward incidents and immediate action would be taken care.
  • If any male poses himself as females than it can be caught easily due to all above measures.
  • For shared taxis, proper agreement with cab operators or drivers are in place. We do take vehicle papers, drivers license copy, Police verification papers to onboard cab operators and drivers. We verify their offices or homes so that drivers or cab operators can be tracked. GPS enables vehicles are considered for Taxis so that taxi drivers can be tracked and more accountability comes.
Even after taking multiple measures, we do advise commuters to not to travel with total stranger and do not board any vehicle if they find any unauthorized person sitting in it or do not allow any person whose name is not in the list of co-passengers provided by RideAlly. Users can always choose to share ride or travel alone.

How can one use RideAlly?

RideAlly can be accessed from all kinds of devices which has Internet facility, be it mobile, tablets, desktops or laptops. One can install Android App, RideAlly from Google Playstore or iOS App from Apple Appstore or open https://rideally.com on any device.
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